Build Power Behind Your Punch - 12 Week Strength And Conditioning Program

The Building Power Behind Your Punch Program is an introduction to modern strength & conditioning practices. It aims to help the boxer that does not have a lot of experience with strength & conditioning by providing a progressive 12 week 4-phase program that focuses on building an elite foundation of explosive strength and power!

What is included in the Program?

- 35 Page Manual that explains the entire program step by step so you can optimize your results!

- Online video Database within the program that has prime video examples demonstrating the workouts ($200 value)

- Breakdown of common myths and facts about Strength and Conditioning for fighters

- Tested and used 12 week program by PRO FIGHTERS

Foundations 1 Phase (3 weeks)

Foundations 2 Phase (3 weeks)

Max Strength Phase (3 weeks)

Power Program (3 weeks)

What Will You Achieve?

Prime Conditioning

Conditioning is a major factor when it comes to fighting, you want to be able to punch harder and for longer. The workouts in this program are designed to do just that! Not only will you see an increase in power but also an increase in your endurance

Explosive Power

Using science based workouts this program will help you achieve that explosive power behind your punches.  As a result of increased explosive strength and power, you will be able to hit harder for longer when you step in the ring.

High Overall Performance

The results from this program will not only be on paper, but they will be measurable and noticeable when you get in the ring. Not only feeling strong and powerful but also fully primed in your conditioning will give you that edge of competition that comes with true hard work and discipling following this program.

Team Behind The Program

Working With The PROS

Coach Brett has worked with top level fighters as their Strength And Conditioning Coach

Roy Jones Jr

Andre Berto

Keith Thruman

Winky Wright

And 20+ Pro Fighters!

Click The Video Below To See Pro Boxer ANDRE BERTO speak about Coach Brett!

Have the power? Get the technique!

These tutorials will be detailed and explained by me and i will be covering the basics all the way to advanced. 




All covered in depth by me.